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Welcome to Ribchester’s Handbook to Selling your own Home. Thank you for visiting our Web Site, you will not be disappointed. Having spent thirty years as accredited members of the National Association of Estate Agents and the Law Society, running our top-end firm of property advisors, sales and letting agents, we have been privileged to overview the correct way to go about selling homes and how others make mistakes! With just this small step you have made an important move to understand how to achieve full control of the marketing of your own home.



We look back on our own experience, acting in conjunction or in competition with other agents and we can seriously say that poor standards are rife in the business; to the extent that the best interests of the home owner are often sacrificed to those of the agent whose level of achievement and business practise determine and dominate the presentation of your lifestyle to the public. All too often, the most reliable of agents will explain that their charges follow a ‘No sale, no fee’ structure. Just what is that supposed to mean, apart from supposedly giving them a comforting introduction? Of course they cannot charge a sales fee with no sale but they can, and will, charge for ‘on the market expenses’; advertising, ‘For Sale’ board, internet presentation, which can be any amount that they choose to call for. You do not expect anyone to work for nothing but why manipulate words to present themselves as though you would have no costs?

With our package, you can operate to a standard of excellence in selling your own home - just as you would expect from any premier estate agent - but with your own minimal expenses. Remember that you are now meeting the public, an experience that we will assist you with. All you need to know: the possible pitfalls which can confuse you, security procedures and interaction between conveyancing solicitors, memoranda of sale setting out the agreement, and useful contract chasing manoeuvres.

Let us lead you through the full process, step by step, with all the protective answers. You know your own home better than anyone else and, with the right advice behind you, you can take over the marketing entirely


The over-used term ‘old fashioned values’, employed by agents extolling their own virtues, sounds comforting but reading between the lines, it only equates to the agent advertising themselves as sound and reliable. ‘Old fashioned values’ have always been covered by a strong work ethic and a high moral tone which is timeless, enhanced by service standards and allied high tech facilities now demanded in to-day’s world.



We feel that our sound backgrounds in Interior Design and conveyancing and running our commercial offices successfully, entirely our way, for thirty years; we have mastered cutting through the sales patter and high handed styles of the majority of estate agents, to bring you a simple and constructive action plan.


Presenting amazing brochures with over-enhanced photography, which is not upheld in practice at a viewing, is not only alarming, off-putting and counter-productive, but is time-wasting for all concerned. What a disappointment when the room you admired in the brochure is not nearly as spacious as it appeared to be in the advertisement - this could well be construed as mis-representation.

Lighting and the best angles to tell a true tale cannot be bettered; imagine the delight of the viewer when they realise that the property has even more appeal than anticipated, when viewed first-hand.

Our sales strategies are tried and tested and, as experienced property specialists, we offer you an unparalleled service outlining how you can follow our guidance to achieve the best results


Let us develop your own ability to present your property to its maximum appeal.

Whilst the High Street agent is under pressure to sustain cash flow to cover high rental offices; even internet based agencies cover themselves towards profit by charging a fee, regardless of whether they sell or not!

Think of the savings to be made; they leave you to sell your own home, only offering a few simple forms of assistance enhanced by their publicity agent. What is offered? A ‘For Sale’ board, detailed particulars of sale, a suggested house make over! Are they living in the real world? What is to stop you doing all this for yourself when we show you how to, with just the most basic costs? Remember, it is your own effort that will sell the property and you do not charge yourself!


The industry is about to sustain an enormous shake up - every wannabe salesman, with a glimpse of the pavements lined with gold, will be promising you that they are ‘new and improved’. Large investors will be attracted to the feeding frenzy. You will see advertising on television and newspapers showing their take on the marketplace, much the same information that you can read anywhere, only couched in never ending ‘Boutique/Designer’ terms to catch your eye. Well, make them look silly! With the RIBCHESTER GUIDE showing you the way, YOU CAN DO IT ALL FOR YOURSELF!

Nothing gives you a better opportunity of achieving your own success, than our imagination and accompanying advice. Simply process your book purchase here. Read with enjoyment and growing confidence. Learn in comfort HOW TO SELL YOUR OWN HOME together with an opportunity to advertise your property on our web site with no further charges and no limit to images or time limit until your property is sold.


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